Jul 19,2014

naoko + kathryn tappen + dj bean + bryan (nesn videographer) at a JT concert together !!!!!!!

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Jul 17,2014

can someone link me to the gif/gifset of the crazy save-fest vs. toronto with tuukka having catlike reflexes please?

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Jul 16,2014


I obsess over 5 year old children

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Jul 16,2014


i love all these pictures of development camps like they go to beaches and childrens hospitals and then theres the oilers where andrew ference decked them out in camo and forced them out into the wilderness to probably deactivate land mines or save an entire bear species

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Jul 16,2014

winestainedlife tagged me in something again so here I am again.

My Questions:

1. If you could only eat one food forever, what would it be?
I’m super into Pasta? (this has nothing to do with pastrnak but I mean that’s an interesting coincidence)

2. Who is your favorite goalie of all time?
Tuuuuuuuukkkkkkkaaaaa <3

3. Best hockey moment of your life?
Comeback against the Leafs. I started following them lightly the year they won the cup but I was in Europe for the finals and had to follow the game via the Globe’s liveblog on an iPad late at night in our hotel. The 4-1 comeback I was actively watching, yelling, frantically texting my friend about, etc. That was incredible and I remember just having a feeling that they could do it.

4. Favorite song right now?
Twin Peaks - “Flavor”

5. If you could be anywhere in the world right at this moment, where & who?
Back in Maine would be nice.

6. What motivates you?
Probably food.

7. Prettiest face in the NHL?
Ference probably.

8. Dream Winter Classic?
Habs/Bruins in Fenway, some sort of winter classic in Lambeau Field (like HOW PERFECT is that stadium for a winter classic???)

9. If you had to go on tour with any band, who would it be?
Twin Peaks <3

10. First person in the NHL you would punch in the face, if you had the chance.
I feel like I could jokingly punch Thornton in the face completely not seriously and likely (more like a little jab) OR I could seriously punch Matt Cooke in the face.

Jul 16,2014

i know we signed Caron and it sucked but we signed him for dirt cheap like cheaper than his old contract so let’s try and look on the bright side here i know it’s hard.

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Jul 15,2014



brad has a new turtle



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Jul 14,2014

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Jul 13,2014


(original photo by Carly Gillis)

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Jul 13,2014

Bruins prospects take some early morning BP at Fenway Park

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