Aug 31,2014
winestainedlife: The manner in which the NHL treats their entire female fan base is something that needs to be addressed and corrected. Statistically, female hockey fans are the fastest growing demographic in sports. I'm a little pissed that I can report the stats of the NHL15 cover boy and am portrayed as someone who'd rather not watch the game. Granted, I haven't been online whining about it (until now), but I think we should all help each other out & get them to see the error of their ways!

Yes Agreed! I love that Puck Daddy posted an article on how the whole NHL15 thing was shitty but ugh ugh ugh the reactions of people to the negative reactions (pretty much the r/hockey responses) that are all “Stop being so offended” “It’s not making fun of women! It’s making fun of casual fans! YOU’RE making this be about women!” “I mean, there are women fans like that, so it’s just making fun of those female fans.” “If this was with guys you wouldn’t care!” kind of crap is so upsetting. Heads up Hockey Fanboys: This ain’t your place to speak. This isn’t your issue to speak about.

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Aug 31,2014

"The only reason you’re upset about this is because she’s a woman. YOU’RE the sexist one! You’re making this about her womanhood!!!!!!!!"

Just stop and step away and think about your life choices.

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Aug 31,2014

The only thing more upsetting than the stupid “Chelgram” selfies in the NHL 15 trailer are the people reacting to the reactions to the “Chelgram” selfies. You’re part of the problem.

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Aug 20,2014


Tuukka Rask stopped cannon fire this summer. Pony Rask is having a harder time with it but he’s trying his hardest. 

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Aug 12,2014


Well fuck…

he has an offer but it doesn’t mean he’s going to take it.

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Aug 10,2014

dougie does the ice bucket challenge (x)

guys he nominated john whitesides (aka the guy on Behind the B that curses the entire time) bless the dougster

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Aug 3,2014


Recently I’ve hit a pretty big follower goal, and i decided i would thank you guys by having a giveaway! I’ve made many friends and lots of wonderful hockey memories through this website, and i hope that this would suffice as a good ‘Thank You’!


  • The prize for this giveaway will consist of your choice of 2 Shirseys from the NHL website! You can choose any two players that you want they dont have to be from the same team.


  • You must be willing to tell me your address so i can have the order shipped to you (your parents should be ok with this too if you are young).
  • Likes and reblogs both count as entries
  • You can reblog it as many times as you want!
  • You should have an idea as to what player t-shirts you want (that way i can ship it to you as quickly as possible!) :)

Other Important Stuff

  • You have up until August 20th, 2014 to reblog/like this!
  • I will ship worldwide, so dont worry about where you live :)
  • I will use a random generator to pick and i will then notify the winner as soon as possible!
  • If you win and you are the type of person who does not like to be announced publicly, please let me know as soon as i message you!

If i missed something or you have a question, my ask box is always open, good luck everyone!! :)

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Jul 28,2014
franticfantast: Where are those Bruins ugly sweaters from?!

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Jul 28,2014


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Jul 28,2014

i need one of these in my life but the question is which one

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